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Turned Down for a Mortgage Due to Issues with your Hawaii Property?

If you’re trying to find mortgage financing for a unique or unusual property, you might have difficulty with most lenders. At Finance Factors, our experienced, helpful Loan Experts use our flexible guidelines to help you get the mortgage you need quickly and with minimal hassle. Our team will help you find the right purchase, refinance, or home improvement loan for a non-conforming property.

Unique Properties We Can Finance:

  • Condo Projects That Do Not Meet Secondary Market Standards:
    Low owner-occupancy ratios, higher AOAO delinquency ratios and certain types of litigation.
  • Mixed-use Properties:
    Properties with a residential dwelling that also generate income from a business or farm activity.
  • Properties Needing Repair:
    Purchase or refinance a residential or commercial property in poor condition.
  • Non-Conforming Properties:
    Properties with unpermitted improvements or unusual features.
  • Non-Residential Zoning:
    Properties that are zoned agricultural, IMX, BMX or even commercial that have a residential dwelling and are considered legal non-conforming.
  • Extreme Condition Properties:
    Purchase or refinance a residential property that is beyond “fixer-upper” condition

Finance Factors is a real estate lender in Hawaii with Loan Officers on every major island. We are a local lender with deep roots in the community and have helped Hawaii property owners for more than 60 years. We are here to establish a long-lasting relationship with our customers.

Call an experienced Loan Officer at (888) 405-3066 to schedule your FREE personalized loan consultation. We'll help find a loan that's right for you and your unique Hawaii Property.

Why Choose Finance Factors?

  • Hawaii-Owned Financial Institution
  • Over 60 Years of Experience Helping Hawaii Homeowners and Investors
  • Personalized Service and Customized Solutions
  • We Take Time to Understand Your Needs
  • We Don’t Sell Your Loan! You Apply Here, Get the Loan and Pay Us
  • We Present You with Multiple Financing Options